Puma Women's Loose-fit Windbreaker 84944602 - White/Grey

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HKD$199.00 HKD$499.00


Puma Women's Loose-fit Windbreaker.

Product Information
PUMA highly functional and versatile windbreaker. Simple and stylish design with contrast color zipper accents. The back of the body features a vertical single line from the hood to the back yoke for a cool look. Breathable, durable, and water repellent.


WindCELL: The high-performance material specified by PUMA, excellent durability and breathability, prevents wind and helps maintain body temperature during exercise.
rainCELL: PUMA's technical material construction designed to keep you dry in rainy weather.
WarmCELL: PUMA-specified thermal material traps heat close to your body, keeping you warm in cooler environments.
Water Repellent: PUMA water repellent treatment is applied to shell fabric to protect your body from rain.

S = chest width 57cm,

M = chest width 59cm,

L = chest width 61cm,

XL = chest width 63cm,

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